maths-our-story-about is an extremely fascinating subject with an ever-increasing need for everyone to understand how it is integrated into our everyday life. By simplifying the language of Maths and communicating it in a method that appeals to all, we have discovered a new dimension within exploring Maths, that delivers results. The common denominator between creative thinking and Maths problem solving led to ʻMaths Talking Buddiesʼ.


is how pupils actively participate in lessons, and communicate their understanding of Maths rather than learn passively.


buddies-our-story-about represents the relationship between the pupil and their tutors and peers. The vibrant interactive style of collaboration facilitates and enhances their learning.


Instead of learning through repetitive worksheets we channel each pupilʼs natural curiosity towards their individual understanding of Maths concepts. This approach takes into consideration each pupilʼs unique learning style.

Years of experience in this field has led us to believe that pupils who actively participate in their learning and are driven by clear outcomes are more likely to exceed in delivering results.

At present we are excited to be able to offer even more children valuable Maths learning experiences. Please have a look at how we can help your child.

  • Creative mathematicians
  • Imaginative Illustrators
  • Innovative Software




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