Our Formula


Our bespoke groups are small, to provide your child with a personalised unique learning experience.


In order to ensure your childʼs progress we match them with peers of the same learning ability, maximising the opportunity for  EFFECTIVE  learning



Our small group sizes enables us to offer a bespoke INDIVIDUAL programme of study within a collaborative setting.


TUTOR INTERACTION creates confidence in communication and presentation skills.The environment creates an element of challenge, encouraging your child to achieve their personal learning outcomes through engaging in thinking and applying their mathematical knowledge. High levels of energy and enthusiasm enriches your childʼs unique learning experience.

INTERACTION THROUGH TECHNOLOGY  using our expert online system provides weekly, topic by topic interactive learning, assessments and feedback. It enables pupils to contact tutors online if extra help is required at home. This allows the tutor to identify and feedback to the studentʼs specific needs much faster with accuracy.

Our lessons are one hour long. Every pupil is given a PERSONALISED LEARNING PACK which provides them with organisational resources for every lesson. We provide regular assessments and reports to parents.



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