Class 11 Intensive


Our Intensive GCSE Revision Course caters for both existing pupils and pupils who have not been previously taught by us. Our course focuses on:



This course has been designed with the final GCSE exam in mind. Our qualified teachers have condensed the content concisely into 3 days for both Higher and Foundation level students.

11i2 Your child has an opportunity to refresh their memory of the complete GCSE curriculum content at this course.



Your child will experience confidence through a collaborate effort and interaction between their teachers and peers.



A thorough understanding of each topic will ensure your child is fully prepared for their GCSE exam.




We facilitate structuring each topic into a revision format enabling your child to organise key data in preparation towards their final GCSE Maths exam.


On completion of the course a mock exam will help determine your childʼs expected grade and offer a report and feedback on areas to further concentrate/focus and improve on before the final Maths GCSE exam.

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